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Sometimes it’s not just the weather…

February 19, 2015 • Health and Wellness

It seems like a lot of people have been suffering recently – I’ve heard friends, coworkers and strangers on the subway describe everything from a major case of the ‘blahs’ to serious periods of depression. It’s not unusual to feel cranky this time of year – the holidays are a distant memory, spring seems too… Read More ›

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Two Negatives makes a Positive


As a kid, I was one of the students that enjoyed math class. One of the rules that I learnt is that two negative numbers multiplied by each other result in a positive number. For example: -1 X -1 = +1 If we were to draw out a life lesson from this math equation, it… Read More ›

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Non profits and Social Media


 “I’m too old for social media.” “The gen Y’ers can be on social media but it’s not for me.” “It’s a waste of my time.” I’ve heard many statements like these from my colleagues- smart, innovative baby boomer executive directors and senior managers. I keep wanting to yell (and sometimes I do) and tell them… Read More ›

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So you’re looking for work…


  Let’s be honest right from the start – human resources is not the most glamorous career in the world. I know, I know – it seems like it from the outside, what with all the…meetings and paperwork. But trust me, once you strip away the glitz, it’s a job much like any other. Except, I… Read More ›