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So you’re looking for work…

theworks  Let’s be honest right from the start – human resources is not the most glamorous career in the world. I know, I know – it seems like it from the outside, what with all the…meetings and paperwork. But trust me, once you strip away the glitz, it’s a job much like any other.

Except, I have discovered over the years that I do have an actual fan base, much to my surprise. Sure, those of you who are happy in your current positions pay me no mind, and roll your eyes (all the way around) when I tell you what I do, and grimace like you’ve just smelled day old fish stuffed in an well-worn tube sock.

But for those who are unhappy, or who are not employed at all, I am a freaking rock star. I am Mick Jagger and Lady Gaga and at least two of the three tenors all rolled into one. I know how doctors feel at parties when people line up to have their various ailments and boo boos diagnosed.
IMG_4858-2So I thought this could be a spot where we can talk about finding, changing, improving, leaving and redefining work. Here are some of the questions I’m asked   most frequently:

  •  I applied for a job I’m perfect for – why didn’t I even get an interview?
  •  I keep getting interviews, but can’t seem to land the job – what’s going on?
  •  I had a bunch of interviews with one organization, and then they just stopped calling
  •  me – are they rude, injured or have their phones just stopped working?
  • How do you make the perfect grilled cheese?

I’ll be addressing all of these issues and more, but I’d love to hear your stories, tips and triumphs – tell me, what works?


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