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Developing a better ‘YOU’

imageWho doesn’t want to become a better version of who they are? More successful, happier, better health, more money, etc. With the beginning of every new year, many of us come up with their new year’s resolutions: “Lose 25 pounds”, “Save for a new car”, “Learn a new language”, or “Buy less shoes”. Businesses take advantage of this, posting promotions and discounts for the most popular “new year’s resolutions”.

But it is one thing to wish for something and another to take the steps towards making those wishes a reality. Don’t wish for better health as you huff and puff away your 4th cigarette in 2 hours; don’t wish for a promotion at work if you’re not excelling in your responsibilities and surpassing the expectations; don’t wish for clean streets if you’re throwing your can of coke on the side walk, instead of walking 20 steps to the nearest garbage bin to dispose it.

They say “actions speak louder than words”. This is not only true for actions done onto others, but also actions done for ourselves and the people and things that matter to us most.

When trying to grow professionally, we are often encouraged to network – to meet others who are more talented and more successful than us and hope for them to open the doors to new opportunities for us. What we fail to recognize, in the process, is that if similar time and energy was invested into networking with our selves – listening to our passions, paying attention when a new idea excites us, discovering what our talents and hobbies are – if we were to truly network with our inner selves, we would be the coach and mentor we seek in every networking event we attend.

Having a personal development plan allows us to discover our skills, knowledge, and capabilities. This knowledge is very helpful especially when starting a new phase in life, such as moving to a new country and potentially starting a totally different career path. It allows us to discover what our transferable skills are, strengths, weaknesses, and areas for growth. It adds to our confidence level when approaching a new opportunity.

This is an introduction to a series of posts that will speak of why personal development is the key to improving several aspects of our lives, including family, health, and work.

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  1. We are staring the year 2015 and as Besma said most of the people (including me =D), set a series of resolutions to be achieved during the year, but most of the time, we do not lay out the process that will take us there. In few weeks or months as we get busy with our daily routines, we forget about our resolutions. Then, when we realize it, we find ourselves listing a set of resolutions for the New Year! Yay!

    Let’s this year be different. Let’s engage in a conversation with Besma and all Blog contributors to reflect on ourselves and explore our wants and wishes regarding WHAT ELSE we want to achieve on a personal level and on a professional level and HOW to get there. Happy New Year everyone!


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