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Habits – plant the seed for Success


They say you don’t really know someone till you live under the same roof with them – a saying mostly associated with relationships, but the same saying works for other matters.

Your ability to be successful.

I can tell if you will be successful or not by spending one single day with you. No months or years needed, nor a joint bank account– just give me 24 hours.

No, I am not a wizard, nor do I have a magic ball that tells me who will be successful and who won’t. Anyone is able to identify the potentially successful from the not-so-potentially successful, including yourself – All you need to do is pay more attention to your habits.

Our habits are things that we subconsciously do on a daily basis. They show your likes and dislikes, how much control you have over your desires, and how committed you are to achieving a goal. Did you skip on the donut you usually bought with your morning coffee? That shows you are committed to losing the 20 pounds said you will lose. Did you stop yourself from buying that fancy purse you don’t really need, even though it was on sale and ‘oh, ever so lovely!’? That shows that you have self-control over your desires.

Habits have the power to form the steps we take on the path to success. Habits form what we are preparing ourselves for.  They have the power to predict who we will be 10, 20, or even 30 years from today.

Nothing is achieved overnight. Neither is success nor failure. The actions we take today prepare us for the results we live tomorrow. When farming and working in agriculture was the main source of livelihood for most people, they learnt that the seed you plant today is the food you eat tomorrow. Their lifestyles taught them to plan ahead, and learn which crops can survive in the different seasons. They learnt that some crops needed a lot of water and sun to grow, while others could survive in more dry and harsh conditions.

What was really learnt are the habits and conditions needed for the different types of crops to grow successfully.

We too can apply the same lesson to ourselves. Over the next few weeks, pay attention to your daily habits: How many hours do you sleep? What are you eating on a regular basis? What do you do in your commute to work? How much time do you spend on the computer or phone, and in front of the TV? How do you express happiness, sadness, or anger?

By paying attention to your habits, you too will be able to discover what are the conditions you need to grow towards success, how many of them already exist in your life, and how many you still need to acquire.

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  1. This is going to be my year of starting and hopefully maintaining good habits…do you know I have made about a dozen NY’s resolutions; let’s call them intentions. I started my “intentions” gradually, staggering them since Jan 1st, and so far, doing fairly well.


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