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Two Negatives makes a Positive

imageAs a kid, I was one of the students that enjoyed math class. One of the rules that I learnt is that two negative numbers multiplied by each other result in a positive number.

For example: -1 X -1 = +1

If we were to draw out a life lesson from this math equation, it would be that positivity can be the result of an accumulation of negative situations. It all depends on the lens you look at a situation through. It also depends on how you manage failure and negativity. In my last blog post, I spoke about habits, and how they play a big role in one’s level of success. At many times, sinking deeper into negativity becomes a habit, where we take the easy way out and deal with a failure by sitting in the same spot, complaining about it, and playing the role of a victim by blaming external factors. But such actions only contribute to pushing you deeper into failure. If we were to look at a failure through a positive lens, and use the math equation that two negatives make a positive, we can use any failure as a trigger to bounce into a higher level of success.

Picture a trampoline. A little push through it results in a small bounce upwards. But the deeper you push downwards, the higher your bounce upwards becomes! That is what you need to remember when dealing with a negative situation – that the bigger the problem is, the larger the opportunity is to gain lessons and experiences that help you reach a bigger success in the future.

Gain a habit of thinking positively. Become a positive genius by following these steps:

  • Define what is meaningful to you. This will provide you with a mental map to success
  • Know how to push yourself towards a goal by setting realistic milestones
  • Focus your energy on positive change. Don’t process negativity – that takes away from the energy dedicated for positive change.
  • Transfer positivity to others. Do not belittle anyone’s little efforts towards a positive goal.
  • Lastly, remember to be patient and take your time. Becoming positive requires practice and that takes time.

By changing your mindset from negative to positive, you are ultimately leading yourself to success.


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