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The Future

                future picture

                   Picture of the Future, Nature’s in danger,

                    How lessen tensions, Of blind inventions.

                    In the first contact, As a matter of fact,

                    World’s changing a lot, Unlikely to cut,

                    Human crowd, All over around,

                    Ethical treats, Forfeit of defeats.

                    Some creatures died, How rapid how odd!

                    Now we are aware, Who polluted air?

                    Mineral compound, Hardly would be found,

                    Water resources, Caused gross courses.

                    Though at any rate, Abide to debate,

                    Ground is great, Managing its fate,

                    It never awaits, To become too late,

                    It will fight against, Who was as a guest,

                    But broke its waist, Betrayed to the host,

                    How harshly menaced, Nature replaced.

                    Some rivers dried, Somewhere came flood,

                    Volcanoes awake, Earthquake to shake,

                    Unknown such disease, Ebola’s release,

                    Many things happened, How to be believed!

                    Warring with the world, How could it afford?

                    Scabbard your sword,Concerned in accord.

                                                                                                     ~ Esmaiel


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