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Two Negatives makes a Positive

March 9, 2015

As a kid, I was one of the students that enjoyed math class. One of the rules that I learnt is that two negative numbers multiplied by each other result in a positive number. For example: -1 X -1 = +1 If we were to draw out a life lesson from this math equation, it… Read More ›

Habits – plant the seed for Success

They say you don’t really know someone till you live under the same roof with them – a saying mostly associated with relationships, but the same saying works for other matters. Your ability to be successful. I can tell if you will be successful or not by spending one single day with you. No months… Read More ›

Developing a better ‘YOU’

Who doesn’t want to become a better version of who they are? More successful, happier, better health, more money, etc. With the beginning of every new year, many of us come up with their new year’s resolutions: “Lose 25 pounds”, “Save for a new car”, “Learn a new language”, or “Buy less shoes”. Businesses take… Read More ›